Charge Entry Services

At Mount Healthcare Services, we offer specialized charge entry services for our customers. Our dedicated team maintains the correct entry of all procedure and diagnosis codes. This prevents revenue loss that frequently occurs from inaccuracies within system data. We stay up-to-date on all of the latest coding standards and are educated on insurance company guidelines. With our standards, we are able to offer a smooth claims processing procedure.

Our system services pay close attention to detail with a strong commitment to your bottom line. Maintaining a sense of accuracy is essential, but having equal efficiency is also just as important and plays a vital role in the overall function of your charge entry services. We dedicate our services to help process claims and payments quickly without unnecessary delays.

Frequently Asked Questions

We invest our resources in regular training for our team and regularly update our systems with updates from authoritative coding and healthcare institutions. We strive to be knowledgeable about all best practices in coding and data entry.

Our services include stringent quality checks that allow us to minimize human error when possible.

As soon as a discrepancy arises, we promptly investigate the occurrence and do everything in our power to rectify the error.

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