Denial Management

At Mount Healthcare Services, we offer comprehensive Denial Management services to help ensure you get all payments that are owed to your facility. Our team thoroughly analyzes and addresses denied claims. We work hard to identify the reasons behind denials, collect any errors present, and submit claims when needed.

Why choose us for Denial Management? We combine industry knowledge, analytical skills, and determination to turn denials into revenue. Our team is trained in dealing with all types of claim denials, and our approach ensures no denial goes unaddressed. With Mount Healthcare Services, you improve your cash flow and reduce write-offs which strengthens the overall standing of your financial health.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a systematic approach that identifies the reason for denial and corrects the error. We also resubmit the claim if necessary, or if required, we file an appeal.

We learn from every denial. By understanding why a claim was denied, we can prevent similar denials from happening in the future.

We start working on denials as soon as they're received to resolve them as quickly as possible.

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