Eligibility Verification & Pre-Certification

Eligibility verification and pre-certification are important aspects of patient care, and proper verification needs to take place before services are performed. You need a system that has the ability to verify coverage, copayments, deductibles, and coinsurance before your patient receives their healthcare services. Mount Healthcare Services offers a rapid system that has the ability to cross-reference any eligible coverage and certifications. Our system does an in-depth search for all possible benefits, making sure your patients receive proper coverage if applicable every time. We check all patient insurance details and pre-certifications to prevent any avoidable claim denials. This also ensures faster reimbursements overall.

We have a proven track record when it comes to ensuring patient insurance eligibility and coverage. Our system expedites these critical tasks to provide you with vital information quickly and efficiently. With our healthcare system, you provide a speedy billing process for your patients while also providing them with their insurance coverage details and any out-of-pocket expenses they can expect. Having this information readily available helps keep your healthcare facility transparent while building trust with your patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our system is able to identify any eligibility changes quickly, which allows you to provide the most accurate insurance information to your patients. These changes can be viewed by you so that you are able to explain in detail what these changes are and why these changes have been made.

The time it takes for a pre-certification to be verified depends on the insurance itself. Many times, insurance companies respond within 24-48 hours, but depending on the day you submit the verification request, it may take anywhere from 1-4 business days.

Our team deals directly with insurance companies to manage disputes and to ensure that a patient's eligibility verification is submitted correctly.

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