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At Mount, we believe a simplified, efficient administrative function will make the work of health care providers easier, supporting you to focus on what you do best!

Our healthcare support and business process outsourcing services are designed to improve financial performance, excellently support effectiveness of providers and insurance companies while enhancing satisfaction of patients.

Our team, experienced with both process and culture of the West, would be a welcome addition to yours!

Our Services

Medical Billing and Collection

Our Billing & Collection services enable your companies to streamline and enhance the revenue cycle management through effective management of your billing and collections function.

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Medical Coding Services

Our medical coding services cover Medicare, Medicaid, managed care, workers' compensation, blue products, Preferred provider organizations (PPO), indemnity insurers and others.

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Charge Entry Services

At Mount healthcare services, we understand and commit to the accuracy of the medical billing charge entry process as one of the most critical parts of the medical billing function.

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Medical Transcription

We offer speech to text and voice to text services for both digital (MP3, MP4) and non digital formats.

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