Medical Coding Services CPT & ICD-10 Coding

We specialize in medical coding, and our AAPC-certified team adheres to CPT codes and ICD-10 coding compliance while processing superbills. Our medical coders ensure there's an accurate coding of diagnoses and procedures, which is a critical step in the medical billing process. We stay educated and current on the latest changes in coding regulations and standards, helping us maintain a sense of accuracy and compliance that's unmatched in the industry.

Our team consists of certified and experienced professionals who all have a deep understanding of medical terminologies and coding guidelines. We strive to prioritize the accuracy and efficiency of our coding, which helps reduce the number of claim denials you experience and improves the overall revenue of your healthcare practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our medical coders participate in continuous learning and training, which helps them stay informed on any updates or changes that may have occurred and are orchestrated by healthcare and coding authorities.

We use a double-check system and software assistance that cross-verifies all of our coding accuracies. We also conduct periodic audits to ensure we maintain compliance and accuracy within our records and system.

Our coders work closely with insurance companies to resolve any disputes or queries, ensuring minimal disruptions to your revenue flow.

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