Patient Demographic Entry Services

Patient data accuracy is essential for patients to receive proper coverage and services. If patient records are inaccurate, this creates stagnation in their receiving the care they need in a timely manner. Inaccurate data creates confusion for insurance companies and potentially stalls eligibility until the accurate data can be verified. Healthcare providers shouldn't have to verify this information themselves, which can be a lengthy and strenuous process.

Mount Healthcare Services strives to provide patient demographic entry services to healthcare providers so they can spend their time caring for patients and their facility's needs. We gather and organize patient data and input it into your system, making sure the data is accurate and includes all the necessary information for a patient to receive care. This greatly reduces the number of claim denials a patient may receive due to inaccurate data.

Frequently Asked Questions

We use a multi-step data validation system which ensures data is accurate. We also conduct regular audits in hopes of catching any errors that may be present quickly and efficiently.

We strongly adhere to all HIPAA regulations. We also use secure servers and utilize encrypted data transmission to solidify our data security measures. We take data security very seriously.

We are consistently monitoring and updating changes that occur with patients' personal information. Having a constant maintenance system allows us to ensure the accuracy of the patients' data.

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