Patient Scheduling

A patient scheduling system is an essential component of any healthcare practice. How does your facility currently keep track of patient appointments? Where does your current system fall short?

At Mount Healthcare Services, we offer top-of-the-line patient scheduling services. Our scheduling system keeps your operations running smoothly while managing your day-to-day patient appointments. Your healthcare practice's scheduling system is what dictates whether your patient care is consistent and well-managed. With our sophisticated scheduling system, we strive to minimize the number of no-shows you experience while optimizing consultation times to enhance the overall experience and satisfaction of your patients.

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the most efficient and precise system available. We utilize the most advanced scheduling software available; helping to ensure your healthcare practice is fully supported and has the means to create structure and flow within your patient appointments. With our service, you receive streamlined schedules, have an overall better patient flow, and are relieved of unnecessary administrative burdens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our system understands that rescheduling or cancellations are a common occurrence. Because of that, we've built safeguards to restructure the schedule if an appointment is fully canceled. There's also an easy option for providers to reschedule appointments at the convenience of the patient.

Yes, our system is specifically designed to seamlessly handle emergency or same-day appointments. The scheduling system integrates these appointments into the existing schedule where it allows.

Our system provides comprehensive reports that allow for real-time access. We want to make sure you have full transparency when it comes to your schedules and the ability to stay ahead with proper preparation for each patient. You can access these schedules anytime you need.

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