Payment Posting Services

Our payment posting service helps ensure that your payment processing is accurate and efficient. We help track and record all of the payments that are processed at your facility and also reconcile them against the billed services. With our payment posting services, you're able to keep a real-time track of your cash flow and patient balances at all times.

Your payment posting must maintain complete accuracy, and you need a system that is able to provide this for you. Mount Healthcare Services utilizes advanced billing software and a team of experienced billing professionals that can handle complex postings jobs if an issue or question arises. With our service, you greatly reduce the administrative burden that your team would otherwise be responsible for, allowing you to focus on what matters; patient care.

Frequently Asked Questions

We make an effort to prioritize payment postings in a timely manner. You can expect most payment postings to be processed within 24 hours of the receipt.

We utilize our automated system alongside manual checks and balances to offer you the highest level of accuracy when it comes to payment posting.

Yes, at Mount Healthcare Services, we are fully equipped to handle any denials and adjustments that accrue during payment posting procedures.

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