Period-End Closure Of Books

How does your healthcare facility review and maintain financial records? Having a strong account of your finances throughout the year is essential, and you must maintain high accuracy to stay compliant. The problem is, maintaining these records can be time-consuming and challenging in a healthcare facility, and you often need a system that keeps these records accurate for you. That's where Mount Healthcare Services can be your greatest financial asset.

Our services help provide a summary of your financial records when you need it. This allows you to track your past performance and financially plan for the future. We help manage all necessary reconciliations and adjustments. Our team closes your books at the end of each month and quarter. We also produce financial reports to ensure your books are closed accurately and efficiently. We understand healthcare billing inside and out. Our services go beyond just closing your books; we give you insight into how to improve your future financial health.

Frequently Asked Questions

We help manage all of your reconciliations and adjustments, and we help prepare comprehensive financial reports.

Our service performs multiple checks and audits to ensure all entries and adjustments are accurate.

Yes, we strive to not only provide you with the data but also offer valuable guidance on how you can improve or maintain your practice's financial health for the future.

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